De Waal bevrachting

Freight at home and abroad


The market.

The world of inland navigation is constantly changing (water levels, obstructions, seasonal influences and market sentiments, etc.)
De Waal Bevrachting is well aware of all these aspects and can provide the relations with appropriate advice on the questions asked.

Eco friendly.

Apart from all technical developments concerning environmental impact, an important aspect in reducing environmental impact through the use of inland vessels is the limitation of having empty vessels. The aim of De Waal Bevrachting is, where possible, to offer a return freight.

Cost conscious.

Efficiency is an important drive for the development of shipments. On the one hand for the skipper and his ship, who can use his ship effectively as a result. On the other hand, for interested party with an cargo interest, due to the cost-reducing effect of this.

Out of the box.

In the idea that a limitation is a challenge, often an unlikely alternative solution must be offered. De Waal Bevrachting provides a solution to these restrictions by consulting with all the parties involved.


Through years of experience in freighting of inland vessels, De Waal Bevrachting has built up a thorough knowledge of the network of waterways at home and abroad.


De Waal Bevrachting is transparent, reliable and 100% independent. In this way, we jointly strive to build a long-term sustainable relationship.


Every inland vessel has its own dimensions and characteristics. By having a good insight into this, De Waal Bevrachting can deploy a ship as favorably as possible.


De Waal Bevrachting has many years of experience in inland shipping, which contributes to a quick overview of all needs and knows that decisive, clear communication is needed.